Welcome to The New Ewe!

We are a business located in Traverse City, Michigan. Our love for designing, sewing, and recycling has led us to sharing our creations with others.

Our products are high quality. We use wool fabrics with at least 70% wool content. Our linings are made from high quality fleece to provide superior comfort and warmth. You will feel the love that goes into everything we make!

Products from The New Ewe are unique. The pictures shown are examples of products that we have made. You can be assured quality, comfort, warmth and value are standards of our business.

We are beginning our fifth year in operation. One of the great things about being a small company is we have little overhead and can pass on great value to you. Our desire is to have only the highest quality products. Our goal is for you to WANT to tell others about your satisfaction!

We look forward to participating in a number of the highest quality craft shows located throughout Michigan in the 2016 year. Seeing old friends and making new ones is part of what makes this business fun. If you happen to see us, please stop in and say hello!

Jame – The owner of The New Ewe

Jame started The New Ewe five years ago. With the support of her three children and husband, she applied for a DBA, trademark and began an adventure. The love of sewing and a creative mind were assets for the journey. She loves attending the art shows and visiting with clients and the friends she has made.

Alivia – Partner and Creator

Alivia has been with the company from the beginning. She has many designs that are contributing to the success of the business. Since the beginning of the company, Alivia has traveled to many of the shows and spent many hours designing and working for The New Ewe. This year she is returning full time after taking a few years to attend The Young Americans College of the Arts in California and the University of Southern Mississippi where she will graduate in May with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. She will continue to work with the company as her busy life allows.

Eliza – Partner and Contributor

Eliza is currently attending Kalamazoo College. When she is home from school, she cuts, matches buttons, presses, hand sews and packages for The New Ewe. In the late summer and early fall, Eliza runs a couple of the shows for the business. She is a business mind that helps keep the creators on track!